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Dedicated to all the Tigers -- living and dead -- who served so gallantly in World War II


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Tiger Fact!

"The Tenth Armored Division was the first US armored division to arrive in France directly from the United States. It arrived 109 days after D-Day and entered combat on 2 November 1944."

Notice - Please Read

Numerous people are contacting Tiger Division in search of information about relatives who served with the 10th Armored Division.  Unfortunately, all information available is contained on this web site, and none is directed toward individual soldiers who served.  For those in search of information, it is suggested that you use the message board to post requests for information.

10th AD Information

(Notice:  The 10th Armored Division held its last reunion in September 2006 and the association has been dissolved.  Accordingly, links are no longer provided to the Veteran's Association)

10th AD Dissolution Article (PDF format)

10th AD History and Combat Chronicle

Books About 10th AD

Division Statistics

Tiger Tracks

Tigers Missed Credit for Bastogne

Tiger Division Interactive

Tiger Division Message Board


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